Halidon Hill Finance offers a range of lending and leasing finance solutions to meet the varied needs of your business.

Long Term Finance Strategies
Equipment Finance
Automotive Finance
Working Capital Finance
Commercial Finance
Vendor Finance
Property Finance

Halidon Hill Finance offers a range of lending and leasing finance solutions to meet the varied needs of your business.

Halidon Hill Finance Services - Financial Strategy Equipment Finance

Financing capital equipment needs to be done right to make sure you don’t interfere with your working capital lines.

Core income generating equipment and automation equipment all play an important part in business success and profitability. There are a myriad of financiers in the market – all with different appetites for financing different types of equipment. Our job is to assist you to obtain the very best deals according to your needs.

For imported equipment we establish escrow facilities and letters of credit to enable importation without the need for you to use working capital lines to pay deposits or progress payments.

Equipment we can finance:

  • Civil equipment
  • Crane and lifting equipment
  • Manufacturing and packaging
  • Education technology
  • Electronics and computer hardware
  • Solar and clean energy
  • Automation and robotic systems
  • Computer software
  • Aircraft and helicopters
  • Charter and pleasure boats

Halidon Hill Finance Services - Financial Strategy Automotive Finance

Let us make the process of financing your vehicles and fleets simple and transparent. Beware dealer finance options which appear too good to be true.

Automotive finance we provide:

  • Vehicle
  • Truck and transport
  • Bus and coach
  • Fleet management

Halidon Hill Finance Services - Financial Strategy Working Capital Finance

Bank overdrafts are just one option and frequently there can be better options for working capital for a business.

Alternative financiers who understand balance sheet lending offer a range of trade finance solutions to enable payment to suppliers without the need for real estate security. Debtor finance, also known as receivables finance or factoring, offers a variable line of credit secured against your current invoices.

We offer bank loans and overdrafts, plus trade finance and debtor facilities for when you need to expand and keep expanding. Cash flow finance is just one part of your financial strategy.

Working capital solutions:

  • Bank overdrafts
  • Bank bills
  • Trade finance
  • Debtor finance
  • Factoring facilities
  • Invoice discounting
  • Receivables finance

Halidon Hill Finance Services - Financial Strategy Commercial Finance

Commercial finance requires real estate security or collateral security to make loans and overdrafts available.

Commercial finance is an essential part of many businesses portfolios however there is a huge difference between doing it right and just accepting the options offered by a bank.

For whole of banking facilities, the banking covenants and cross collateral security can be the hidden details which many businesses miss. Halidon Hill Finance can help you get the optimal finance option whatever industry you are in. We are accredited with all the major lenders and can streamline the task to get you a complete range of solutions.

Commercial finance solutions:

  • Bank overdrafts
  • Whole of banking
  • Overdraft alternatives
  • Debt restructuring finance
  • Debtor and factoring finance
  • Refinance of existing banking lines
  • Import finance (letters of credit)
  • Insurance premium funding

Halidon Hill Finance Services - Financial Strategy Vendor Finance

Today, customers want their equipment supplier to offer a finance option during the sales process -Vendor Finance. Halidon Hill Finance can do that. We can manage the entire finance process. For the supplier, offering Vendor Finance is essential and advantageous to complete the sales process and provide a value – added option to customers. Our sales staff will provide the supplier’s sales staff with the best training in Vendor Finance so they are confident to offer it as an added benefit to customers.

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Vendor finance for customers:

  • Best finance solutions available in the market are presented to customer
  • Saves the customer going to their bank for finance
  • Some customers can replace capital expenditure with operating expenditure
  • Can be for almost any asset -plant, equipment, software maintenance, service agreements
  • Optimises potential tax effectiveness with the right structure
  • Frees up working capital, saving customer from having to use overdrafts or working capital lines
  • Spreads finance over asset life
  • Halidon Hill Finance takes the hard work of arranging finance away from the customer

Halidon Hill Finance Services - Financial Strategy Property Finance

Through our multiple sources of finance from banks to non–bank lenders, we can arrange commercial and residential property finance for offices, factories, warehouses, retail property and the family home, whether to occupy or as an investment.

Property finance we provide:

  • Commercial
  • Investment
  • Residential

Halidon Hill Finance Services - Financial Strategy Insurance

With every investment, comes the need to ensure proper insurance cover is in place. We have a panel available to arrange cover for property and all your business needs.

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