Project Description

Vendor finance for food packaging equipment

“We’re proud to offer our customers finance options through Halidon Hill Finance”

Ergun Kirmaci, National Sales Manager, Multivac Australia

Multivac is the worldwide leader in providing packaging solutions used for products such as food, life science, health care and industrial goods. Multivac specialises in equipment for the food industry – from baked goods to meat, poultry and fish, to dairy products, fruit and vegetables.

We provide a finance offering with every quote to every customer as an important part of our overall customer proposal. Finance is seen as a value – added offering by many of our customers who want to keep their working capital free for the day to day running of their business.

Halidon Hill Finance works closely with our sales and marketing team to ensure sure that finance is used as a sales tool in our sales process. Every finance solution in the market can be made available to our customers through the Halidon Hill Finance team.

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