Halidon Hill Finance is the long term financial partner for over 2,500 small, medium and large businesses across Australia. We believe in performance and responsibility. We’re agile, smart, progressive and we challenge our clients to help them get the best finance outcomes for their needs.

Our team is dedicated to go further and act as an all-encompassing business finance partner for our clients. With the depth and breadth of experience you get much more than a bank or single financier can ever be.

Halidon Hill Finance is dedicated to making sure that your business has access to all of the best finance solutions in the market.

The Commercial Finance Essentials

With over 20 years’ experience, we’ve learnt the essential business finance rules. Here are the four key elements we consider when we work with you:

Working Capital

Access to working capital is the key ingredient to business success.

Have more working capital available than you think you will ever need.

Separate equipment finance from your working capital finance.

Look beyond traditional bank overdrafts for working capital.


Use anyone except your bank to finance your equipment.

Be cautious of cross collateralisation of security.

Keep asset holding entities separate from operating entities.

Beware banking covenants and company charges.

Long Term Strategy

A long term strategic finance plan is your road map to the best long term outcomes.

Keep your property security free for future needs.

Your accountant and finance broker can provide independent advice – not your bank.

Look to reduce security over property assets and company charges.


Different financiers offer different solutions. You need to select what’s best for you.

Have access to the widest range of solutions.

Keep working capital and equipment finance separate from property finance.

Don’t use working capital to import equipment from overseas suppliers.